Saturday, May 16, 2009

Head Wear-Tudung

code: egypt 10
price: RM 20

code: bawal 101
price: RM 90

code: chiffon 101
price: RM100
code: bawal 101


Anonymous said...

i'm free hair but slowly to learn to wear a "tudung". Your tudung collection is nice but not really 'menutup aurat" i.e is either transparent and show 1/4 of ur hair.Do you have any 'tudung" collection which is nice and yet style but will not show your hair at all?

Husnaini said...

na, aritu mami kate ade beli tudung hok cekok paler tu.. sulam atas kepala.. nape dok buh dlm ni? nak tgk gak...

Arlina Rosli said...

to el: latest collection might suit u!

to nani: tudung tu semua abis... aepat pulok. Isteri MB borong byk!